What is Prostate Calcification

Prostate calcification and fibrosis, is the scars remain after the heal of prostatitis. It is a precursor of prostate stones. Prostate stones often are accompanied with chronic prostatitis, and they can be seen by B-ultrasound. Because of specificity of the structure of prostate, the occurrence of calcification and stones generally do not have good treatment. In prostate calcification (fibrosis) cases, the stone would breed bacteria. So it is a cause of the recurrence of prostatitis.

Prostate calcification is due to there is a previous prostatitis, and the calcified spots remain after the disease is cured. Calcification means that there would be a prostate inflammation before, and now it is steady If patients have no symptomatic, they need no treatment. If the calcification cause difficulties in urinating, then prompt treatment in hospital is needed. Any prostate calcification are needed treatment, in case they aggravate and cause prostate stones. Prostate stones would cause a variety of symptoms. Some patients can not eliminate the symptoms for a long time so they need to do a comprehensive test in hospital to see if there are stone calcification. If the calcification is not treated, it would be sort of difficult to cure other prostate diseases radically.

The prevention of prostate disease is in daily lives. 

1) Do not stay up at night and be overworked. Live a regular life, prevent yourself from cold. Cold and overwork may lead to immune dysfunctioneasily, and lead to the recurrence of prostate disease.

2) Do not eat spicy food and seafood, do not drink alcohol, quit smoking; drink more water, urinating more to keep urine clear and help rule out prostate secretions; avoid no moving for a long time, pay attention to use vehicle seat heat when driving the motor for a long time, get off to take a walk and drink some water, urinate regularlly; adhere to the proper physical exercise to improve blood (it would help inflammation eliminating); keep a rich diet, enhance immune function, enhance disease resistance. 

3) Eat less meat, meat products and acidic foods (such as: egg yolks, cheese, dessert, tuna, halibut, etc.). They will cause excessive consumption of acidic, prone to various diseases.

4) Eating more nuts (raw pumpkin seeds, nuts), eat more vegetables, fruit, bee pollen.

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