White (Wax ) Gourd Juice helps To Cure Prostatitis

How can white gourd benefit the human body?


White gourd is diuretic and can subside swell. White gourd contains much Vitamin C, also has much sylvite and only a little sodium salt. People with high blood pressure, nephrapathy or dropsy eat white gourd, the swell can be subsided and the Qi is not harmed.

It clears away heat. White gourd is of cold and a bit sweet. It can clear away heat and help release you from hot whether in summer.


Above functions of white gourd is just the same with some herbs to treat prostatitis. So eating white gourd helps to treat prostatitis somehow. For some patients it can even help release their symptoms. However only white gourd cannot cure prostatitis, professional treatment is still essential.



Remove the seeds of white gourd, keep the peel and juicing it. According to the biological clock, it is better to drink it between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m.. Keep drinking it for two to tree months.

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