Avoid foods that can irritate the prostate

 Prostatitis is condition where the prostate gland is inflamed or infected. Symptoms include frequent urination, burning or pain when urinating, feeling of not emptying the bladder completely, fever/chills and low back pain.

There are certain foods that can trigger or worsen the symptoms of prostatitis. It is important to notice whether certain foods trigger your symptoms and stay away from these foods to help reduce or alleviate prostatitis symptoms.
Below is a list of foods that irritate the prostate and it may be wise to avoid these foods:
Spicy Foods – The oils in the peppers concentrate in the prostate and this can lead to irritation.
Alcohol – When you have prostatitis, your doctor will advise that you increase your fluid intake. Alcohol is dehydrating which is contrary to your doctor's recommendation.
Citrus Juice – The acid in the citrus juice irritates the urethra. You may find that citrus juices worsen your symptoms while citrus fruits do not. Tomato and tomato juices can make your condition worse as these too are very acidic.
Caffeine – Caffeine is a diuretic. The frequent urination that is caused by the consumption of caffeine can irritate the prostate. Caffeine can also cause dehydration.
Fried Foods – The prostate is easily affected with the amount of calories and fat that is absorbed in the fried food.
Also avoid foods that can cause food allergies or food sensitivity as according to some research, allergy is considered one of the major causes of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis.

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