Radical Cure

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The price of the medicine is $500 for one month.  Below is a list of  shipping fee for different countries or regions. When you click the button, you will see the total amounts.


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Hong Kong         Macao         Taiwan     

$ 35.4



Japan           Korea         North Korea  

$ 48.3



Cambodia           Indonesia           Mongolia       Philippines        Singapore        Thailand           Vietnam 

$ 52.4



Australia            New Zealand          Papua New Guinea    

$ 60.4



The United States

$ 78.2



Austria       Belgium        Canada        Denmark         German           France          Finland          Greece         Italy        Ireland         Luxembourg         Norway       Portugal        Sweden          Switzerland           Spain        The United Kingdom 

$ 81.4



Bangladesh       India        Laos       Nepal       Pakistan       Sri Lanka       Turkey 

$ 87.1



Argentina        Belarus       Columbia       Cuba       Czech      Guyana       Hungary      Israel       Jordan       Mexico      Panama       Poland       Peru        Russia      UAE    Ukraine  

$ 102.4



Saudi Arabia

$ 129.8


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