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Wuhan Dr. Lee's Clinic is a traditional Chinese medicine clinic which has a history of more than twenty years of general practice work. Dr. Lee has already developed effective way to cure the worldwide stubborn diseases such as prostatitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, mycoplasma and chlamydia etc. with years of untiring practice and studies.


Dr. Lee has applied for a patent to State Drug Administration of China for her medicine "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill". This Chinese patent medicine has a very sound effect to cure prostatitis, without producing side-effects or resistance to drugs. Prostatitis can be radically cured with strict persistence of course of treatment. Dr. Lee has practised medicine in China for many years and she has cured many prostatitis patients.


Now Dr. Lee's Clinic starts to provide medical service for international friends. And we hope with our efforts more prostatitis patients could get rid of prostatitis in the future.


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Self-introduction to Dr. Lee

I was born in 1953, and I am the chief TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) physician of Wuhan Herbalist Doctor Lee's Clinic. With experienced skills, high sense of responsibility and serious working style, I have become one of the most renowned herbalist doctors in Hubei Province and I have been trusted by thousands of patients all over China. And I am also a member of the National TCM Institute.
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Traditional Chinese Medicine

1. Introduction to TCM
With a history of 2000 to 3000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has formed a unique system to diagnose and cure illness. The TCM approach is fundamentally different from that of Western medicine. In TCM, the understanding of the human body is based on the holistic understanding of the universe as described in Daoism, and the treatment of illness is based primarily on the diagnosis and differentiation of syndromes.

2. Chinese herbal medicine in China
In China, herbal medicine is considered as the primary therapeutic modality of internal medicine. Of the approximately 500 Chinese herbs that are in use today, 250 or so are very commonly used. Rather than being prescribed individually, single herbs are combined into formulas that are designed to adapt to the specific needs of individual patients.


A herbal formula can contain anywhere from 3 to 25 herbs. As with diet therapy, each herb has one or more of the five flavors/functions and one of five "temperatures" ("Qi") (hot, warm, neutral, cool, cold). After the herbalist determines the energetic temperature and functional state of the patient's body, he or she prescribes a mixture of herbs tailored to balance disharmony.


One classic example of Chinese herbal medicine is the use of various mushrooms, like reishi and shiitake, which are currently under intense study by ethnobotanists and medical researchers for immune system enhancement. Unlike Western herbalism, Chinese herbal medicine uses many animal, mineral and mineraloid remedies, and also uses more products from marine sources.

3. Modernization of TCM
Traditional Chinese medicine has been to some degree modernized by transforming the plants and ingredients to soluble granules and tablets. Modern formulations in pills and sachets used 675 plant and fungi ingredients and about 25 from non-plant sources such as snakes, geckos, toads, frogs, bees, and earthworms.



Why Choose Us  

Prostatitis is difficult to cure radically by western medicine, especially for chronic prostatitis. Every patient that comes to our clinic, have all been to numerous doctors and specialists, undergone numerous tests with conflicting results, and taken many different kinds of medications.


Many treatments have no curative effect on prostatitis. Some treatments can ease the condition, but they can't cure prostatitis from its root causes. What is worse, once the medication is discontinued, the symptoms will possibly recur. Then they may need to take medicines again.


As we know that the treatment for prostatitis can be long sometimes. Dr. Lee's Chinese patented medicine can work safely and efficiently on the long-term treatment without any side effects like drug resistance and kidney damages. Besides, it contains guiding herbs which can guide other herbs permeate to the prostate glands directly. During the treatment, patients don’t need to take other tablets since it has comprehensive functions.


Different conditions have different course of treatment. Short term patients can be cured in one month. Long-term sufferers are in need of the treatment of three months. And one more month treatment is necessary to consolidate curative effect and prevent the relapse.


This kind of traditional Chinese medicine can not only treat illness but also improve the physique to enhance immunity and self-healing ability. Traditional Chinese medicine can make people healthy enough to reduce the risk of re-infection by regulating the overall state of the body.  


Case Report


1. Case of a patient with bloody semen due to prostatitis
Male infertility caused by necrospermia due to prostatitis
Case report on a patient with mycoplasmal prostatitis


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