Half of US Males Affected by Prostatitis

Estimates have revealed that the number of males in the U.S. who will experience Prostatitis during their lifetime has gone up to 50 pct, indicating that the infection has become one of the most common urologic diseases in the country.

According to many urologic disease experts, around 5 to 10 pct American males are experiencing prostatitis at a particular time.
Prostatitis is a prostate gland infection causing intense pain, urinary complications, sexual dysfunction, infertility, and a significant reduction in the quality of life. This infection is difficult to diagnose and has many unbearable side-effects. It also affects the lives of young and middle-aged men, unlike prostate cancer and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).
Prostatitis has been divided into a number of categories, but common variations of the disease include nonbacterial, acute, and chronic. Of these the most common type of prostatitis is nonbacterial prostatitis.
Dr. Leroy Nyberg, Jr., director of Urology Programs at the National Institutes of Health, said that the treatments for nonbacterial prostatitis might include anti-inflammatory medications or muscle relaxants, taking hot baths, drinking extra fluids, learning to relax when urinating, and ejaculating frequently.
"Some physicians also may recommend some changes in a patient's diet," said Dr. Nyberg.
Acute bacterial prostatitis can be caused due to bacteria, a virus, or a sexually transmitted disease.
Dr. Nyberg also explained that these infections often are treated with antibiotics, bed rest, stool softener, and increased fluid intake.
Chronic prostatitis may result due to bacteria or an inflammation of the prostate.
This is treated with medications (often antibiotics), changes in the diet, biofeedback, and nonprescription supplements, according to Dr. Nyberg.

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