Porn Cures Premature Ejaculation



It is probably the best news men will ever hear, for they need no excuse to watch porn ever again - experts have claimed that watching X-rated movies might help cure premature ejaculation.


Sin Chew Daily reported that a man who was diagnosed with prostatitis went to week treatment at a hospital in Guizhou, China, adn was asked to watch porn movies.


Singapore urologist Dr Lin Fa Cai said that the hospital might want the patient to masturbate while watching the movies, in order for him to discharge "unhealthy sperm", reports The Star Online.


Dr Yang Zhi Jian from a men's health clinic in Singapore said watching porn films could even help patients improve their sex lives by learning new skills.


Another sex expert, Dr Yu Wei Siang, said the method could stimulate the production of male hormones.

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