How to Keep Prostatitis away

As the winter comes,morbidity of prostate and its complications have got a trend of getting higher. The information displayed by the urology department of General Hospital of Beijing Military Region, patients diagnosed with prostate diseases increased 30% in recent days. It concern with the low temperature in winter ,and that many people do not pay attention to the local warmth when they are having sex. As the weather is getting colder, many people chose beer and steamboat to withstand the cold. But after drinking beers and alcohol may cause prostate congestion, and spicy food may aggravate the symptom.

The prostate gland is very sensitive part, itself may turn the symptoms worse because of the temperature changes. Because the excitability of sympathetic nerve becomes sensitive when the temperature is low, it would cause chronic congestion, and increase the prostate siltation, then lead to prostate disease attack. Rrinking and steamboat both can induce or aggravate the symptoms.

On the other hand, people like to stay indoors in winter. Long-time sitting increase the burden of the prostate. Sports can play a good preventive effect on the prostate complications, and running is no different in terms of prostate "massage". 

Running can make the blood of the prostate and surrounding organs and tissues active. Meanwhile, the abdominal internal organs, especially the bowel and omentum, would regularly impact on the prostate. It is a sort of massage on the prostate. Some jogging and modest bounce every day can greatly reduce the probability of prostate disease occurrance. In addition, good precautionary measures can also reduce muscle contraction, so that the state of congestion and edema in the prostate can be restored.

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