15 Anticancer Food

1 Tea
It is tested that the cancer cells reduce in white mouse's bodies after they eat food with tea leaf mixed in for three weeks. It is also reported that some elements in tea leaf can prevent from the spread of cancer cells with blood circulation.

2 Wheat bran
Wheat bran can not only help treat diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipemia, astriction, obesity, cavity and so on, it can also prevent from the attack of bowel cancer. There are a plenty of cellulose in wheat bran. Cellulose is a kind of fibre with infusibility, which can dilute lots of carinogenic material and quicken the wriggle of belly, in order to promote discharge and reduce the contact of carcinogenic material and the intestinal tract.

3 Corn
Corn can prevent and help treat high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and stone in urinary system, and prevent from cancer. American doctors refer that corn has lots of amino acid which can prevent from cancer. Besides, glutathione in corn can react with selenium and create glutathione peroxidase, it can also make chemical carcinogenic material lose their activity.

4 Pickled plum
Pickled plum can increase the phagocytic activity of white cells to improve the immunity of the body. It helps to cure penis cancer and cervical cancer.

5 Soybean
There are at least 5 sort of anticancer material in soybean. One of them have the ability similar with med that is used to cure estrogen-relying breast cancer. This kind of material is applied in massive clinical tests to research its function in preventing from breast cancer.

6 Allium vegetables
Allium vegetables includes garlic, onion and green Chinese onion. Animal testings indicates that this kind of vegetables can prevent from cancer in colon, lung, stomach, liver and other organs. Some elements in garlic can even interfere the spread of cancer cells. What's more, sulfude in garlic can promote immunity to help prevent and treat cancer.

7 Green vegetables
Dark green vegetables can prevent from cancers, such as spinach and lettuce. Vast antioxidant, eg. Folic acid and lutein, are in green vegetables. According to it, scientists propose that the darker the vegetable is, the more antioxidant is in it, and the stronger it is to prevent from cancer.

8 Mushroom
Eating lots of mushrooms can promote cellular immunity and humoral immunity, or promote Qi in Chinese sayings. It is said that woodman who live in Bohemian mountains never have a cough or cancer because they always eat mushrooms.

9 Hericium erinaceum 
Hericium erinaceum has already been made into pills by Chinese doctors and been applied for prevent from gastric cancer and esophagus cancer with an effective rate of 69.3%.

10 Apple
In recent years, lots of researches shows that Vitamin C in apple can prevent from the creating of nitrosamine which is carcinogenic, and reduce the activity of a kind of enzyme which is produce while the cancer cells grows. It can even turn cancer cells into normal cells.

11 Royal jelly
According to the researches done by experts all over the world,there is a newly discovered royal jelly acid which has obvious effect of prevent from cancers.

12 Beef
A research group of American Wisconsin University have found that there is a elements in beef which can restrain the activity of carcinogenic material, so that it has the function of preventing from cancer. For now, this research group is lucubrating in producing an new medicine to cure cancer with the elements they get from beef. 

13 Seaweed
It is proved that kelp seaweed, nori and other seaweed all have the function of preventing from cancer. The blood of most of cancer patients are acid, and the kelp seaweed is full of calcium. Calcium can balance the pH value of the blood, as a result, it is anticancer.Seaweed can also help prevent from cancer in another way. The fibre yarn in seaweed are not easy to be digested. People have their discharge volume enlarged after eating lots of seaweed. And that would improve the discharge of carcinogenic material.

14 Jellyfish
Scientists have extracted aequorin from jellyfish, which has special physiological action in preventing from bacteria and virus infection and cancer.

15 Hairtails
It is proved that the small scales on hairtails, which looks like silver powder, contain vast protein, inorganic salt and fat. They can creat hydrochloric acid-guanine which is one of the main raw material of an anticancer medicine. This medicine is applied for acute cancer such as leukemia.

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