How to protect your kidney?

In winter, it is very important to protect your kidney, in order to reduce the risk of many disease. There are 14 means of protect your kidney. 

1 Keep worm
It is found that people are more possible to get an kidney disease in winter than other seasons. That is because the blood vessel contract in winter, blood pressure is gettinghigher, and the urinary reduces. As a result, the coagulative power of the blood is improved and lead to a highly risk of kidney diseases.

2 Do not eat freewill meds
Most of the pain-killer and cold cure are sort of toxic to the kidney. So it is not suggested to eat medicine without an doctor's advice.

3 Not to be crapulent
Eating too much food would increase the burden of the kidney. Besides, sports drink are full of electrolyte and salt, which is bad for kidney disease patients.

4 Have your cold cured
If you have many recurring cold, or if you have high blood pressure, edema, and have bubbles in the urine, you should go meet an nephrology doctor to have some tests.

5 Caution on the recurrence of tonsillitis
You must have your tonsillitis or other infection in the throat radically cured, or you would risk for an kidney inflammation.

6 Do not hold back urine
Do not drink little or too much water and hold back urine. When the urine is hold in bladder, bacteria are growing there.

7 Have your high blood pressure and diabetes under control
High blood pressure and diabetes would cause a angiosclerosis. And the kidney is formed by millions of capillaries, if you suffer from those diseases you are highly risk for kidney diseases.

8 Do not drink river water
Do not drink river or late water, in case the heavy metal in the water do harm to your kidney.

9 Stone in urinary system should be cured
No pain does not mean that the stone is eliminated. And ureteral calculus would even cause a hydronephrosis.

10 Keep regular tests
It is suggested that taking tests every half year can help you aware any lesion or weak of your body.

11 Keep a general urinating
General and normal urinate means that your urinary system is healthy. If you have abnormal urinating, you are possibly suffering from some urinary diseases.

12 Prevent yourself from bacteria infection
Bad bacteria would travel from the urinary track into your body and enter the bladder or the kidney. In order to prevent yourself from bacteria infection, you should keep your perineum area clean and do not have sex with dirty person.

13 Prevent the harm from other diseases
Some of the diseases, such as lupus erythematosus, dehydration and losing too much blood could also do harm tokidney. So these disease should be cured promptly.

14 Do not take harmful meds
Some of the medicines are rather bad for the kidney, and they would stay inside your body if you keep taking them for a long time and slowly harm the kidney. So, do not take harmful meds.

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