Doctors suggest men often susceptible to prostatitis Cycling

Prostatitis must not be as "Ninja." Experts point out that prostate fear is holding back urine."Sedentary, holding back urine can easily lead to prostatitis. Long-term holding back urine filling the bladder can swell, causing localized pressure and poor blood flow and increased prostate edema, resulting in voiding dysfunction, even in the acute urinary retention."In addition, long-term holding back urine will make the bacteria inside the urethra can not be washed away, and thus the large population, causing urinary tract infections.


Living with restraint, appropriate exercise nursed back to health protection for the prostate plays a significant role. Tai chi, walking, etc. can improve the blood circulation of prostate tissue, absorbed favor local inflammation, but also enhance the body immunity.In addition, drink plenty of water and more conscious voiding can prevent disease, because urine frequently by flushing the urethra to help the prostate secretion discharge, help prevent repeat infections.
Prostatitis patients should also avoid eating a lot of alcohol and spicy food, so as not to aggravate disease. Peacetime should eat more fruits, especially apples, because apples high zinc content, while patients suffering from prostatitis often deficient, so eat more apples help prevent not sitting or riding a bike. Spring lot of people like cycling outing, but the male patients who have regular cycling will inevitably result in the direct oppression of the prostate; sedentary should also be avoided, the best and move an hour to relax and reduce the possibility of prostate congestion.

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