Man genital lso need to exercise

 Men live as long as one day, you need sex; so "little brother" can not get up, just the same as with the dead.

However, with age, men will follow the physical and energy dissipated. Many men will have this feeling: In the past when I was younger, do not say one day, even day to do three or four times no problem; However now that confidence has become weaker and weaker the ... ...
But should all the responsibility for age, it seems unfair; for over 80 years is still "a live dragon," the daily romantic Old Man and woman, or a lot of people.
most to understand the "energy" noting that the true meaning of words, is three or four-year-old man; a dozen two-year-old man who absolutely can not understand what "energy" noting that these Young people are all "energy peerless."
the following method to be taught is how to increase a man "little brother" of erectile power, it still can be maintained at ten to twenty years old, "hard as stone", "golden spear" state.
talking about these methods, there is one thing we must have a common understanding: "The energy for someone to" have a basic premise ─ ─ health. Either mental or physical condition of any one out, will cause energy recession.
strengthen the secret is to enhance the transfer within the muscle! When you urinate in the toilet, and found that although her urinary finished already, but still the feeling of residual urine; then you almost have to conclude that erectile capacity has started to recession.
penis up from the middle to the root, has called "bulbospongiosus" muscles; that the main function is to control muscle urination, and voiding of urine has been confirmed and drain. But apart from these features, it also served as an important time of penile erection assists member. If this muscle capacity began to decline, not only provide you with a residual urine sensation, penile erectile capacity will be substantially reduced.
To prevent this, it must be "bulbospongiosus" to exercise. Exercise "bulbospongiosus" is equivalent to exercise erectile capacity.
However, how to forge "bulbospongiosus" mean? "Bulbospongiosus" and the inner thigh, "in turn muscle" connection between the nerve, so in order to exercise "bulbospongiosus" from the exercise "within the transferred muscle" to proceed; through the leg opening closed, you can achieve the objective of strengthening the muscles there.
Here are two specific training methods:
Training Method 1:
supine and the knee bent and held high two- leg, then left to catch the right leg, repeat on both sides of the body slowly opening and closing. If you do five times for each round, then one day be a 1 ~ 2 back on it. Greedy breath did not pay attention to the first, if excessive force can cause muscle fatigue, become counter-Oh.
Training Method 2:
sat on the bed, legs open as much as possible. Then both hands stretched forward, forehead touching the bed to target the body bent forward. If each do three ~ five times a round, then make a two to three times a day on it. Although the legs open and then bent over, between legs will feel a little pain, but still have a little patience, because Zhang is important leg action. Of course, when first started, forehead hard to encounter the bed; as long as perseverance, about a month can be done. To do this action every day, one month can be substantially improved after the erectile strength.

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