Long-term moderate exercise is also wrong?

 Various functions of the human body needs to continue to use, but also the use of reasonable and appropriate, this is a reasonable use of appropriate functions of the body active and useful exercise. Unfortunately, but many people do not pay attention to “moderate” word. They are often used in books, newspapers and some training under the guidance of the so-called authority, to develop a so-called “good practice” type of movement.

But a lot of “good practice” type of exercise, too much inertia action review to balance the human body very few benefits. For example, most people learn to walk ever since, basically stared at road move forward, little walk backwards, sideways body go. 
This fixed the body set up to achieve this functionality, such as muscle, bone, tendons and other parts of the application and nourishment, so that these parts of a long period of tension overload and the formation of strain, and independent parts, or not use or simply by the use of joint and inadequate, but can not talk about exercise and nourishment, so that these parts of the blood to run, often in a quiet state of nerve impulses, the long, rich, will of necessity lose its muscles and strong bones.
Similarly, some civil servants, corporate employees, drivers, and work always for a long time to repeat an action; neck, back, spine and other parts it is easy to sick or get sick, which is the so-called “diseases “In this regard, we have to consciously change, including the habits of posture, movement and attitude.
Fitness experts warn that, irrespective of good or bad exercise habits, the key is not to be its long-term control and so, not to “single-mindedness”, addicted to extricate them. Or simply to get rid of all the habits are abandoned, it is best to cultivate a habit of changing their old habits, to develop a “capricious”, “come and go with no fixed” the habit, so that each can be used in humans virtuous circle, constantly changing, as human health, “good partners.”
In addition, changes in exercise intensity and duration, is also an aspect of diversity movement. Use different muscles for each exercise, or in a different way to use the same muscles, exercise can be more fully diversify to stay healthy. If you do a long slow first day of training, the next time should be shortened to increase the intensity.

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