Massage the lower abdomen actually enhance sexual performance

In clinical massage sexual dysfunction to a certain extent. Massage can be solid kidney yang, dredging the channels and collaterals, qi and blood circulation, making the sexual function “to a higher level.”

Cultivation process, the lower abdomen, testis, lumbosacral, is the most frequently used to massage the site. People can refer to the following practices in his home massage.
Massage the lower abdomen. Focused between the navel to the external genitalia of small abdomen, on both sides of the left and right anterior superior iliac spine for the boundaries. 
Massage, sit in bed, his hands placed in the lower abdomen between stacked, pressed the abdomen, and slowly massage to about 10 times per minute frequency until the lower abdomen, there are thermal appropriate. Massage sustainable for 5 minutes.
Massage testicles. Go to bed and get up before men, lying in bed, legs naturally straight, slightly separated. Rub both hands, hold the lower abdomen, the other hand the thumb, index finger trapping the testis, the location to place jaws of death. With the remaining three fingers gently pinching the testicles, and silently count under 81. Then left hands, repeat on the other side of the testis. Thought to be specific massage, if penile erection in order to exercise restraint. After massage testicles, you can hand rub along the navel ring, 81 times the good times or bad. It should be noted that, when testicular massage techniques should not light weight, grasp the light, soft, slow, uniform principles. In addition, some patients with organic disease of reproductive system, this method should not be used, such as epididymitis, testicular tuberculosis.
Lumbosacral massage. Sitting in a chair, his hands five fingers close together, palms appropriate force, while rubbing both sides of the lumbosacral region for 5 minutes. Rubbing the thumb and then the two Shenshu, Vital Point, the 1-2 minutes. Then rub with a right palm across Shenshu, Vital, eight liao point areas to diathermy appropriate.

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