Wash water, vinegar can inhibit bacterial

Now a variety of newspapers, magazines, networks are often introduced in the wash water with some of the material, the more common vinegar, tea, honey, salt and so on. 

Vinegar can inhibit skin bacteria breeding 
vinegar itself can change the pH of the skin, soften the skin stratum corneum, in addition, can inhibit the bacteria breed, so that the pores clear and reduce the infectious skin diseases place. Add a little vinegar in the wash water is a good health practices, the type of vinegar to the best natural rice vinegar, vinegar can also be other food, wash your face in a basin of water drops on the 7 to 10 drops on it. Long-term use can increase the moisture and nutrition of skin cells and restore the skin’s luster and elasticity, in addition, can make the skin more clean, prevent acne formation. 
Convergence skin green tea, anti-radiation 
Tea contains polyphenols, an antioxidant to prevent skin aging. Tea is also anti-radiation, especially for women in long-term use of the computer, can inhibit skin pigmentation, reduce the incidence of allergic reactions. In addition, the role of tannic acid in tea can ease dry skin, for children suffering from eczema are also very applicable. In tea, green tea polyphenols is the most abundant. Therefore, it may often face wash with green tea. 
Honey anti-aging, anti-drying 
contains large amounts of honey can be absorbed amino acids, enzymes, hormones, vitamins and sugar composition, not only can promote the healing of skin wounds, but also anti- aging, prevent dry skin. 
Dry skin who usually can be 2 to 3 drops of honey added to the wash water, wash your face when wet and then gently pat the entire face, massage the face a few minutes, make the skin smooth, delicate . Oily skin is not suitable for water, wash your face with honey. 
Salt to remove the skin and fat 
wash with salt water, there exfoliates, convergence skin, soothing effect of skin flushing, in addition to also remove the skin oils, rubbing lightly with salt , and removal of the “Black” role, more suitable for oily skin. General After a week or so of salt beauty, facial skin that you can present a fresh, transparent feeling. Wash water in a pot, add two teaspoons of salt on it.

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