Top Appliance 7 strokes to prevent radiation damage

 Blanket to sleep with women for a long time, can significantly change the menstrual cycle, pregnant women, if the frequent use of electric furnace, after the birth of children with cancer can increase the incidence of … … the past 10 years, on the electromagnetic wave reports of damage on the human body after another.

So computers, televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, hair dryer and even daily contact with people and other appliances, because they are known as the “invisible killer” of the electromagnetic radiation and appears frightening. So in the end the existence of electromagnetic radiation household appliances, radiation, how much? Experts said that, in fact, daily life, electromagnetic radiation is everywhere, we must learn to take the initiative to protection, but not too tight, real or imagined.
Safe distance from the radio to detect, experts say pass on any electrical current as long as there are electromagnetic radiation, large air-conditioning, TV, computers, microwave ovens, humidifiers, small hair dryer, phone, charger or power strip will produce electromagnetic radiation, but the amount of radiation generated by various electrical appliances vary.
The amount of radiation on specific reporters after a round in the efforts to search and found no radiation in the domestic electrical appliances have a different standard form introduced. However, SAPIO magazine published in Japan released a set of commonly used household electrical appliances electromagnetic radiation test data. 

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