4 Most Important Vitamins for Men

Among vitamins which are essential for human beings, almost all of them are more important for men than women because the amount that men needed are larger. Here are 4 most important vitamins for men.

Vitamin A
Survey suggests that vitamin A can improve immunity and prevent from cancer and myopia. Normal ADI of vitamin A for one man in a day is 1000mg, while a half bowl of steamed carrots contains about 4000mg. Other food such as dairy, fishes, tomatoes, apricots, and melens are rich in vitamin A. Even vitamin A is important for men, it is not suggested by experts to extra supply it.

Vitamin B6
This vital vitamin is extremely good for immunity. It is found that vitamin B6 can also prevent from skin cancer and bladder cancer. While the morbidity of kidney stone in men is 2 times larger than that in women, vitamin B6 protect the kidneys from the attack of calculus. Vitamin B6 also has positive influence for insomnia treatment. 2mg vitamin B6 is needed in one day for a individual, that 2 bananas contains. Men who do much sports need a bit more. Chicken, fishes, potatoes and sunflower seeds have much vitamin B6.

Vitamin C
As we all known, vitamin C can prevent from catching a cold. Vitamin C improves immunity, prevents from cancer and cataract, reduce the risk for heart disease and apoplexy, benefits teeth and gum, accelerates wound healing, and remits asthma. It is also good for infertility treatment. Adequate vitamin C supply can postpone aging. Cauliflower, melons, capsicums, and grapefruits are rish in vitamin C.

Vitamin E
Investigations found that vitamin E can reduce cholesterol, prevent from the gathering of PLT in arteries, enhance immunity, clear away impurity, and prevent from cataract. Food which has much vitamin E include almonds, peanuts and walnuts. In daily meals, it often lack of vitamin E, so it is suggested to take vitamin E supplements. 

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