Gay Men on Prostate Cancer Drugs at Risk of Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction may be a problem plaguing many gay men taking bicalutamide for prostate cancer.


During the study, researchers evaluated 17 straight men and 12 gay men taking 50mg daily dose of bicalutamide. They were evaluated before and after their treatment.

The men were also asked to rate their sexual functioning across six categories like sexual desire, erectile function, and orgasmic function.


As compared to straight men, gay men reported a 50% reduction in sexual performance and satisfaction. Straight men experienced fewer problems and were happier about sex.


Dr Ion G Motofei from Carol Davila University said: “Anti-androgens are given to men with prostate cancer to stop the male hormones stimulating the growth of the cancer cells. The aim of this study was to see whether this hormone treatment affected heterosexual and homosexual men in different ways and our results clearly show that it does.”



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