Doing exercises every day helps prevent prostatitis

Office clerks, IT family, etc., each sitting 40 minutes, preferably up look at the activities, constantly changing posture, timely relax the prostate. Moderate, moderate sex, discharge of prostatic fluid helps to reduce siltation. Work exertion, fatigue, anxiety, mood swings, etc., may lead to the occurrence or worsening symptoms of prostatitis. Participate in social activities should be a modern, go to nature to relax and relieve the negative emotions, and perhaps one day you will suddenly find that those who make their painful symptoms all disappeared.

Develop good habits, scientific and rational light diet, learn to release pressure and avoid fatigue, are an effective way to protect the prostate. Xue Tsz Man also own a set of “prostate exercises”, a total of 4 actions.
First, the clockwise rubbing the belly 30, and then press the lower abdomen, there is a mention of the process from the bottom up, repeat 30 times.
Second, with warm wet towel, Kneading the perineum, rubbing up the top about three laps, lasts two minutes.
Third, his hands rubbing the back of the palm kidney area, a slight fever can be.
Fourth, heel and foot massage depression, you can feel heat.
In addition to exercises, men must pay attention to regulate daily life. For example, the diet should be light, alcohol, eat chili, eat ginger, raw onions, raw garlic, pepper, etc., should not be excessive consumption of beef and mutton, seafood, coffee, cola, tea, etc. May be appropriate to eat apples, tomatoes. Drink plenty of water, like a bath to the prostate, can effectively relieve symptoms of prostatitis.

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