Dr. Reveals New Home Treatment for Chronic Prostatitis that May Prevent Prostate Cancer

Dr Simon Allen of Fine Treatment states a common belief that inflammation of a prostate may lead over time to the development of prostate cancer. Despite some doctors' saying that there is no correlation between chronic prostatitis and prostate cancer nobody can argue that infections and inflammations may represent one mechanism through which prostate cancer develops. It's well known that chronic inflammation of several other organs is associated with various cancers.

For example, the inflammation of the lower esophagus (Barrett's esophagitis) can lead to esophageal cancer or ulcerative colitis can develop into colon cancer. Since chronic inflammation causes cancer in other organs, it is reasonable to suggest that chronic prostatitis if left unattended may ultimately lead to prostate cancer.
Therefore, it is big news when there is an option of treating chronic prostatitis at home for the first time in the World effectively and thus to prevent the development of prostate cancer.
The second great news is that this prostate treatment does not require antibiotics, medication and/or other operations. Dr Allen's Device for Prostate Care is beneficial for chronic prostatitis, including CPPS and free from adverse side effects.
Other risks factors of prostate cancer development which can be found in books are aging or changes in male hormones due to aging and are so general that makes preventative measures unsubstantiated.
Fine Treatment avoids a common mistake investigators make and when they fail to mention that prostate cancer is always found together with prostatitis and all men will probably get both diseases if they live long enough. Both prostate cancer and prostatitis raise Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) levels and both conditions are currently at epidemic levels and, also, Zinc levels are low or absent in both prostate cancer and chronic prostatitis. These facts need to be considered carefully when the prevention measures of prostate cancer are discussed and, indeed, these facts confirm the uniqueness of a natural prostate treatment invented by Dr Allen as a prevention measure of prostate cancer.
According to Dr Allen & Fine Treatment, opinions differ and are controversial about the relationship between Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and prostate cancer. Despite the fact that some of the symptoms of these two conditions are the same, the claim that BPH appears to be etiologically unrelated to prostate cancer has been popular for many years. It is a relief to hear that now this claim has been deemed doubtful. Researchers are beginning to see pathological and genetic links between these two conditions. Furthermore, there are strong suggestions that prostatic inflammation is involved in the pathogenesis and progression of both conditions, it means that chronic prostatitis and BPH and prostate cancer are interconnected.
These new approaches in understanding of prostate cancer development underline the importance of prostate treatment, particularly BPH treatment and prostatitis cure for prevention of prostate cancer development.
"You have to keep your prostate in healthy condition to avoid prostate cancer in future" says Dr Allen, "Fine Treatment offers the best prostate care option as it is very effective and natural and thus free from adverse side effects."

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