Mumps May Cause Infertility In Men - Medics

Olokun, a Consultant with the National Hospital, Abuja, has warned that men who contact mumps after puberty are prone to become victims of infertility.He told newsmen in Abuja that mumps could affect one or both of the testes in a male child, which affects his reproductive system.Aluko-Olokun explained that if by chance a child escaped going down with mumps at a tender age, there was a high possibility for him to still get the virus at adulthood.

"If a male child contracts mumps after puberty, it can affect one or both of the male reproductive glands. If it affects one of the reproductive glands, it becomes swollen, shrinks and smaller than the other one.

If it affects both glands, it can affect fertility.He said mumps could also affect the pancreas, a gland located deep in the abdomen, adding that it could result in stomach pains, vomiting and affect the tissues in the brain.

"Since mumps is a virus, it can affect the tissues around the brain, and the patient can develop a terrible headache, while light begins to irritate his eyes. In short, he develops meningitis, and this can kill.”Aluko-Olokun described mumps as a “severe viral infection” which causes swelling and pain around the sides of the face, explaining that the virus which causes mumps was usually found in droplets of the sufferers.He noted that mumps was also a communicable disease, cautioning that children should be immunised with "Mumps, Measles and Rubella (MMR)” vaccine in their second year of life against the virus.

"Anybody who comes in contact with the virus often comes down after two weeks, with symptoms such as pain, general sense of unwell, high temperature, headache and swelling of the cheeks.”Aluko-Olokun noted that the development of mumps was more common among children, “because they mingle a lot with their peers”.

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