Prostate is the weak point of men

This organ prostate is very important for the reproduction, and therefore it has to be protected. It is located just below the bladder. If the prostate is healthy and not infected, it has the size of a walnut. Unfortunately, this organ can grow to the size of an orange and then create problems for the man.

One in six men will develop a cancer in the prostate. Men are the strong, tough, resilient and independent individuals of the land. But they have a weak organ in their robust body, the prostate.
Men are tough, they don’t want to go to the doctor, and wait until they have big problems.
Here we realize that the strong man is very weak, because he could have avoided most of the problems. Men have to go to the physician when they are 40 years of age. Two tests: the Digital Rectal Examination (DRE) and the PSA (Prostate specific antigen) test determine if the prostate is just enlarged or is cancerous.
Early detection is the key word. Most of the early detected cancers (cancer has not left the prostate) can be healed. The patient will have a normal life.
All men have to be tested. Have they never had a Digital Rectal Examination and a Prostate specific antigen test, then they should not wait any longer.
The Prostate Cancer Canada Network (PCCN), Support Group, Orangeville, want to encourage, persuade them to go to be tested.

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