Drake seeks medical advice for prostate infection

Drake was spotted leaving a Toronto clinic after seeing a doctor for an apparent infection in his prostate.

In photos obtained by Mediatakeout, the rapper looked less than impressed as he emerged from the building to waiting paparazzi with a doctor’s prescription and several leaflets on an alternative medicine called Q-Urol.
Research on the drug showed that it is used to alleviate Prostatitis, which causes swelling of the' target='_blank'>prostate gland and can cause pain when urinating and during sex.
According to the National Institutes of Health, “it may account for up to 25% of all office visits for complaints involving the genital and urinary systems from young and middle-aged men.”
“In fact, chronic prostatitis (which usually means for life) is the number one reason men under the age of fifty visit a urologist.”
Drizzy looked mad as hell after clinic visit and was seen speaking to someone on his phone before jumping into his waiting car.  Let's hope he gets better soon.

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