Red Wine is helpful for keeping Prostate Health

As people said the difference between drinking in moderation and drinking in excess is the difference between preventing disease and causing disease, red wine is one of the few drinks that is found to be helpful for men to keep far away from prostate problems.


It is known that red wine is made of red grapes that contain resveratrol, which lies in the skin of grapes. According to the research, Resveratrol has the function of antioxidant activity and anti-cancer properties that help in promoting prostate health.


How red wine is good for prostate


According to the study of Harvard Men's Health Watch, people who drink at least 4 glasses of red wine every week have the low risk of suffering from prostate problems like prostate cancer. 


The study published in the International Journal of Cancer did the test about red wine and prostate. One group consisted of men affected with prostate cancer, while the second group had healthy individuals. The study showed a remarkable decrease in prostate cancer risk in one group who take red wine regularly.


What is more, researchers even found that men who drank eight glasses of red wine per week reduced the chances of getting aggressive cancer by 61%, while men who drank four to seven glasses of red wine per week reduced the risk of prostate diseases by 48%, and men who took 1 glass of red wine every week reduced the risk of prostate diseases just by 6%.


From the study we can know that drinking red wine moderately can provide more effective protection against prostate problems like prostatitis and enlarged prostate.


Attention: if you have the symptoms like frequent and urgent urination, pain when urinating and intercourse, it is necessary for you do see a doctor and do some related examinations. Once diagnosed as prostate diseases, you need to take suitable treatments in time under your doctor's guide. For example, more and more patients with prostatitis have been cured by Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill (the Chinese herbal medicine) once and for all.


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