How much do you know the side effects of antibiotics?

There is no doubt that antibiotic is one of the most common treatments among us. I also believe that the quick effect of antibiotic has been experienced by us too. However, based on the report released by CDC (Centers for Disease Control), antibiotics should be taken under doctor’s advises, because, just like a coin has two sides, antibiotics also have its pluses and minuses. Since most side-effects of antibiotics are not serious, I would love to introduce the side-effects to you separately.

Mild side-effects
Many people have experienced these side effects before, including soft stools, diarrhea, mild stomach upset such as nausea. These side-effects are mild and won’t affect patient’s life a lot. What’s more, these can disappear after antibiotic withdraw commonly. Therefore, there is no need to worry about them very much.
Severe side effects
Although most of the side effects of antibiotics are mild, some severe side-effect can also be experienced by patients. What’s more, some of them are life-threatening side effects.
1.allergic reaction
If you have one of the severe symptoms like watery diarrhea, abdominal cramps, shortness of breath, hives, rash swelling of lips face or tongue, fainting, vomiting or white patches on the tongue, please tell your doctor immediately, because this is so serious, even this is very rare, and might deprive your life from you.
2.drug resistance
Antibiotics aren’t suitable for long time taking, because the toxic bacteria existed in your body can generate anti-body to antibiotics. Therefore, the longer you take the antibiotics, the worse the effect you will get. To maintain the effect of the antibiotics, patient can increase the dosage or change the medicine.
3.damages to organs like liver or kidney
It is know that the liver and kidney are two important detoxification organs. Therefore, the antibiotics sufferers taken in are mainly metabolized by liver and kidney. Since the drug resistance and the increased dosage of antibiotic, the liver or kidney will be damaged once they are beyond the capacity of them. Therefore, organs like liver and kidney can also be harmed by long-time taking antibiotics.
Those mentioned above are major side effects of antibiotics and should be paid much attention to. If you need to take antibiotics, please take them under doctor’s suggestion. 

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