Chronic Prostatitis Is Also A Factor That Impacts Fertility In Men

It’s reported on News-Medical that there are many factors can impact fertility in men, such as briefs, drinking alcohol, smoking, nonstandard weight, tumors, celiac disease and varicocele. These factors all have risk of reducing sperm count and decreasing sperm motility. As we know that sperm quality decides male fertility, once affected, it will cause infertility. Other factors like chronic prostatitis can also impact fertility in men. 


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How does chronic prostatitis impact fertility?

When the prostate is infected, the white blood cells in prostate fluid will increase. White blood cells are part of the body's defense system which are responsible for fighting infection. Studies show that when these cells, also called leukocytes, are found in prostate fluid, they will influence sperm function, sperm quality, and then lead to male infertility.
It’s not exactly know how white blood cells have impact on sperm, but it may have something to do with molecules produced by white blood cells called reactive oxygen species. These molecules have properties of fighting diseases. Studies show that reactive oxygen species are increased in semen samples from up to 40% of infertile men.
What’s the best cure for infertility caused by chronic prostatitis?
To cure infertility, it’s very important to cure chronic prostatitis first. Different from acute prostatitis, chronic prostatitis can’t response to antibiotics efficiently. It’s a lot more common than a acute one, but it’s difficult to diagnose it correctly and cure it successfully. Many males with chronic prostatitis have to take medicines day after day to control the condition. Antibiotics can only relieve chronic prostatitis symptoms for a short term because of the drug resistance and kidney damage. Thus, most of male patients have to take a different treatment if the antibiotic therapy no longer takes effect.   
In fact, there is no best cure for chronic prostatitis since the condition vary from man to man. Patients usually have to try several different methods before he can find one that is suitable for him. A new solution called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill may be a hope for reaching a full recovery. This medicine is made from more than 50 kinds of natural herbs and is patented by State Intellectual Property Office of China. It’s based on years of scientific research and has obtained a good reputation among prostatitis patients. Over 92% of chronic prostatitis patients have been cured with the help of this natural treatment. After the elimination of infection and inflammation, the reproductive function will back to normal. 
Chronic prostatitis needs a long-term treatment to have a radical cure, male patients should keep a positive attitude toward the treatment. Moreover, it’s necessary to avoid the risk of worsening the condition.  

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