How Could Prostatitis Patients With Anxiety Benefit From Mindful Meditation

Chronic prostatitis, which is the long-standing inflammation in prostate, can affect male patients’ life quality greatly. Since there is no best treatment for treating this inflammation, most of patients have to suffer from this disease for months or even years. They need to take several different medications to manage the recurring symptoms. It’s difficult to cure the pain and other discomfort completely. The chronic pain will lead to many mental problems include anxiety. The negative thoughts can have adverse effect on the symptoms and the treatment. This is one of the reasons why chronic prostatitis is difficult to cure.       

chronic prostatitis with anxiety
Researchers from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, found that just 10 minutes daily of mindful meditation can improve focus among people suffering from anxiety. The report results indicate that mindful meditation may have protective effects on mind wandering for anxious people. And it also found that it can help them to shift their attention from their own internal worries to the present-moment external world, which enables better focus on a task at hand. The report was published in the May issue of the journal Consciousness and Cognition.
This is a good news for chronic prostatitis patients with anxiety. For these patients, mindful meditation can be used to improve the focus. Thus, they will not concentrate on the negative thoughts when they are in their daily stream of consciousness. It’s important for chronic prostatitis patients to walk out of their internal worries, which can make their conditions worse. Mindfulness training is a safe and easy treatment option for managing anxiety. However, since long-term sitting may cause prostate congestion, patients can't have this training for a long time in a day. 
Except for resolving mental problems, the symptoms of prostatitis should also be managed well. To have a better recovery in the long-term treatment, patients can take herbal medicine instead of antibiotics. Herbal medicine is made from purely natural herbs. The herbal formula is on the base of ancient prescription, which is safer and more natural than western medicine. All of the herbs in the formula will be tested, thus, their beneficial properties will be strengthened and side effects will be neutralized. The therapeutic effect will be better by taking herbal medicine for curing chronic prostatitis.              

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