Taking Exercise is Beneficial For Old People

As people get older and older, the immune system will be weaker and weaker. It is very important to take more exercise to keep fit. Old people belongs to the group that have weak immunity, they need to do some exercise to prevent from diseases. There are various activities for them, such as Tai Chi and running. Taking exercise is beneficial for old people. 


taking exercise

The Benefits of taking exercise.
1.Improving sleep quality.
Taking exercise can help you fall asleep faster and thereby improving the sleep quality.
2.Far away from mental illnesses.
Doing something different can distract the attention to the annoying things. Thus, taking some exercise can help you far away from mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.
3.Enhance the memory. 
As we know, the memory of old people is weaker than young people. This is a common problem for them. Research shows that aerobic exercise is helpful for enhancing the memory. Old people can take more aerobic exercise to enhance their memory.
4.Reducing the rate of cancer.
Though the exact  reason why exercise can reduce the cancer rate is unknown, people who take exercise more often have lower risk of getting cancer, according to the statistics of National Cancer Institute in the U.S..
What old people should know when taking exercise.   
1.Don’t drink plenty of water immediately after exercise.   
The energy will be consumed greatly after taking exercise, the organs need to have a rest. The consumption of plenty of water will increase the burden to the gastrointestinal tract and heart.      
2.Don’t take a shower promptly.  
Taking exercise can make the pore expand, however, taking a shower may reduce the temperature of the skin and then close the pore, thus the heat in body can’t be emitted and lead to fever and a cold.
3.Making a fitness plan.
The fitness plan for old people should account for four different kinds of exercise, including Stamina, strength, balance and flexibility.
4. Increasing the amount of exercise.  
Increasing the amount of exercise gradually and change the number and   patterns  in each group of training.   

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