Different Treatment for Bacterial and Non-bacterial Prostatitis

Prostatitis is often described as an infection of the prostate. It can also be an inflammation with no sign of infection. The prostate of a person will become swollen,tender,and inflamed if he has a prostatitis. The types of prostatitis include acute bacterial prostatitis,chronic bacterial prostatitis and chronic nonbacterial prostatitis(it also calls chronic pelvis syndrome). Both acute prostatitis and chronic bacterial can be regarded as bacterial prostatistis,the left one can be regarded as non-bacterial prostatitis.

Bacterial Prostatitis

Definition:Bacterial prostatitis manes a rare condition that causes recurring infections in the prostate and results in swelling, inflammation, and frequent urinary tract infections. A prostate has sudden bacterial inflection with inflammation is the most obvious feature of acute bacterial prostatitis.

Causes: Many people think the prostatitis is caused by sexual behavior, as a matter of fact, there are only 20% of acute and chronic prostatitis involves sexually transmitted, the left percent of acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis are caused by gram-negative bacteria.

Symptoms: Few people with bacterial prostatitis involve acute bacterial prostatitis, but they must feel fared because the symptoms of acute bacterial prostatitis are usually severe. Patients with this condition usually have an acute urinary tract infection with increased urinary frequency and urgency, need to urinate a lot at night, and have pain in the pelvis and genital area. They often have fever, chills, nausea, vomiting and burning when urinate. Chronic bacterial prostatitis patients almost have the same symptoms with people who have acute bacterial prostatitis, but both of these prostatitis can be cured gradually and eventually.   

Treatment: For acute bacterial prostatitis, patients usually need to take antibiotic medicini for 14 days, pain relievers are needed too, sometimes, doctors will recommend patients to be treated in the hospital. For chronic bacterial prostatitis, antibiotic medicine need to be taken for a longer period of time usually for four to twelve weeks. Of course, a healthy diet of life is also very important in curing prostatitis.

Non-bacterial Prostatitis

Definition: Non-bacterial prostatitis,is also known as chronic pelvis syndrome, is a common condition that affects men. It causes pain and inflammation in the prostate, pelvis, and the lower urinary tract.

Causes: Non-bacterial prostatitis is the most common form of prostatitis,but the exact cause is unknown. It causes vary kinds of symptoms that may be difficult to treat. Doctors suspect it may be due to a previous infection or a minor wound leading to inflammation.

Symptoms:Patients have non-bacterial prostatitis may have urinary and pelvic pain for at least three months of the past six months. There have no bacteria in their urine, but may have other signs of inflammation of their bodies . The condition can be confused with intersitial cystitis.

Treatment: Non-bacterial prostatitis patients need to use drugs that can help both relax the muscles of their prostates and bladders and to improve urine flow and decrease symptoms such as Hytrin and Cardura. For the reason that non-bacterial prostatitis belongs to a chronic disease, patients can also choose Chinese medicine for its treatment, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, because Chinese medicine is natural and has no harm for the human body. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can improve symptoms by remove infection from the source of it and repair the damaged foundation.

These are connected tips of bacterial prostatitis and non-bacterial prostatitis. All in all, do not feel too anxious and fared if you have got this disease, although it is painful, it is curable. With the help of medicine and healthy diet, this disease can be eventually cured step by step.





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