Prostatitis Lower Back Pain Cause and Relief

Prostatitis is a general name of the inflammation of the prostate in men. This disease can be divided into three forms-acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, chronic non-bacterial prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Different form has a different symptoms and treatments. Among these three types of prostatitis, the last one chronic non-bacterial prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome will cause the most obvious lower back pain to patients.

Chronic pelvic pain syndrome, the most common form of the prostatitis and leads the most obvious lower back pain to patients, has high-recur-rate and long treatment duration. Chronic pelvic pain syndrome bothers both patients and doctors,  uncertain causes of this disease increases the treating difficulty. However, there are some factors which will increase the risk of getting chronic pelvic pain syndrome to men.
.A blockage of the flow of urine and hold urine. The theoretical basis of these two factors is the same. Too much urine in the bladder will lead to urine reflux and damage organs like kidney and ureter. Holding too much urine will result in over-swelling of prostate to cause prostatitis.  
.Microorganisms from sexually transmitted diseases(STDs) like chlamydia may cause chronic non-bacterial prostatitis. Although chronic non-bacterial prostatitis is not a sexually transmitted disease, the STDs microorganisms will cause this disease if the STDs doesn't get treated timely.
.Drinking alcohol and staying out. These two habits will damage the immune system of the human body. Shing Mun disaster brought disaster to pool fish, once the immune system of a man is damaged, his prostate will be attracted by prostatitis easier.
.Sedentary and cycling put men in the risk of getting chronic non-bacterial prostatitis. Sedentary and cycling will produce pressure of the prostate to cause over-swelling of the prostate like holding urine.
We can learn from the article above that live a healthy life can protect men away from prostatitis in some way, once been attracted by chronic pelvic pain syndrome, patients must take actions as soon as possible. Normal treatments like alpha-blockers, painkiller pill, antimicrobials are not able to stop the recurrence of this disease, the really efficient existing therapy is Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment. TCM has a long medical supplement history in China since ancient time, it focuses more on healing during the treatment. Most TCM are made of natural plants and animals, the same to Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, many kinds of herbs are used together to cure chronic pelvic pain syndrome in this pill, each of them has its particular function. For example, plantain seed is used in alleviating water retention, improving eyesight, clearing away heat, Chinese angelica is used in regulating menstruation, relieving pain, nourishing blood and so on. 
The lower back pain caused by prostatitis will fade away naturally with the cure of this disease.

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