Doxycycline Prostatitis

Doxycycline definition

Doxycycline, a normal antibiotic medicine in medical use for killing the bacteria or preventing the growth of them, it is used in the treatment of a number of types of infections caused by bacteria and protozoa. It is a man-made medicine and can be used either by mouth or intravenously. Doxycycline is patented in 1957 and came into commercial use in 1967, it is considered as the most effective and safe medicines needed in the health system by World Health Organization, it is a generic and inexpensive medicine.
Doxycycline uses
Doxycycline is frequently used to treat Lyme disease, acute/chronic bacterial prostatitis treatment, sinusitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, acne, rosacea, and rickettsial infections.
Doxycycline was considered the first-line treatment for chlamydia and non-gonococcal urethritis. It is also used for uncomplicated gonorrhea with cefixime.

Patients must know about doxycycline 
. It will do a permanent change of tooth color. A child's tooth color may be changed for taking doxycycline during tooth development age, this period includes the last half of pregnancy through 8 years of age. His teeth may change to yellow, gray, or brown.
. It will cause intracranial hypertension. This drug will cause intracranial hypertension or high blood pressure inside patient's skull. Symptoms may include a headache, blurry vision, double vision, and vision loss. Patients must tell the doctor right away if these symptoms occur. The swelling condition may happen inside patients' eyes, women of childbearing age who are overweight have a higher risk of this condition, and the risk will be higher too if the patient has had intracranial hypertension before.
. It will cause a severe skin reaction. This drug can cause serious skin reactions. Symptoms can include blisters, peeling skin, and a rash of small purple spots. A patient should stop taking this drug at once and call the doctor right away if he or she has any of these symptoms
Doxycycline and prostatitis
Doxycycline is prescribed for the treatment of acute or chronic bacterial prostatitis to rid the body of infection. Prostatitis patients must get clear known of their prostatitis types before choosing the medicine for treatment, chronic nonbacterial prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome patients should not take doxycycline for treatment because this medicine has no help for this disease. 
Chronic nonbacterial prostatitis treatment
Chronic nonbacterial prostatitis is not caused by bacterial infection so that antibiotics are not helpful for this prostatitis. As the treatment duration of chronic nonbacterial prostatitis is long, it is necessary for patients to choose a healthy and effective way as the treatment, herbal medicine can satisfy these requirements, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, a totally natural medicine in curing male's urology and reproductive system diseases like urinary tract infection, chronic nonbacterial epididymitis, vesiculitis, chronic prostatitis and so on.

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