How to cure prostatitis at home

Normally, a prostatitis patient does not need to take medical treatment in the hospital, the patient just needs to take examinations at the hospital and the urologist will prescribe him to take medicines at home every day. There are many therapies prostatitis patients can do at home to help improve symptoms or cure this disease, especially for chronic prostatitis treatment

1. Drinking more water 
Most prostatitis patients may feel pain when urinating so that they would like to drink less water to avoid urinate, this is not right. Urinary pain in prostatitis patients are mostly caused by bacterial infection, if the patient does not drink water, he will not have the desire to urinate so that the bacteria cannot be flushed out by urine, it is not good for improving symptoms of them. Prostatitis patients should drink more water than before, if the herbal tea is available, it can be the best choice for them.
2. Taking walk every one hour
If a prostatitis patient has to sit for all day long for work, it is better for him to take a short walk every one hour. Sedentary will produce pressure to the prostate and slow down the blood circulation in the prostate, it can be one of the triggers of prostatitis and a factor that will worsen prostatitis symptoms, make sure do not sit too long. 
3. Eating more fruits and vegetables
Prostatitis patients need to gain more vitamin C, vitamin C can restrict the growth of bacteria, especially for that of bacterial prostatitis patients, such as acute bacterial and chronic bacterial prostatitis patients, most fruits and vegetables have rich vitamin C, and most of them are easy to gain in daily lives and diet, but it should be known that too much vitamin C is not good, so the amount must be suitable.
4. Having warm sitting bath 
The swollen condition of the prostate gland are mostly caused by infection and will result in slow blood circulation, to improve this symptom, patients need to take medicines and they can also have warm sitting bath, or chronic nonbacterial prostatitis patients can have prostate massage to help change the swollen condition. Before having a warm sitting bath, sufferers must clear the bathtub carefully and thoroughly. 
5. Having accurate medical treatment
The key point of curing prostatitis especially chronic nonbacterial prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome is having an accurate medical treatment, antibiotic medicines can cure bacterial prostatitis in weeks or months, for chronic nonbacterial prostatitis patients, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill must be the best choice for them. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill contains more than fifty kinds of herbs, each of them has different function and finally work together to reach the goal of curing chronic nonbacterial prostatitis.
Prostatitis treatment can be alternative and patients must make sure have chosen a most suitable and effective one so that this disease can be cured without recurrence. 

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