Relief From Prostatitis

Prostatitis refers to an inflammation/infection of the prostate gland, it usually involves men in the middle age with different symptoms.

1. Acute bacterial prostatitis. The rarest prostatitis type, can be fatal without prompt treatment, can be cured by antibiotic medicines, acute bacterial prostatitis patients have symptoms like sick, vomit, nausea and urinary  problems, this prostatitis is caused by bacterial infection of the prostate gland so that antibiotic medicines are effective for it. 
2. Chronic bacterial prostatitis. This prostatitis type is not common either, it is caused by recurrent infection of the urinary tract which has entered into the prostate gland, usually, antibiotic medicines can cure this kind of prostatitis either, patients need to take these pills for four to six weeks to make sure all bacteria have been killed and the disease will not recur again. 
3. Chronic nonbacterial prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome. The most common form of prostatitis, representative symptom of this prostatitis is pain, pain in the genital and pelvic area, pain in the lower back area, pain in the abdominal area and so on, besides long time untreated chronic nonbacterial prostatitis will arise many complications of in the urology and reproductive system, treatment and relief of this prostatitis is complex than that of other two types. 
With knowing symptoms of different prostatitis, how to relieve prostatitis must be the focus patients want to know mostly.
1. Prostatitis exercise patients can take to relieve symptoms. Most prostatitis patients may know that they cannot ride bikes or do exercise like lifting weight, these will irritate the prostate gland, worsen symptoms, but there do have some exercises they can do to strengthen medical treatment effect, such as yoga, tai chi, jogging, swim  and so on. Proper exercise can promote the blood circulation to help change the swollen condition of prostatitis patients. 
2. Prostatitis diet patients can follow to relieve symptoms. Drinks like alcoholic beverages and coffee can irritate the bladder, foods like spicy peppers and red meats are not friendly to prostatitis patients either, but there do have some foods prostatitis sufferers can eat to help improve symptoms such as vegetables or fruits contain rich vitamin C, meats contain protein like fish and eggs. 
3. Accurate medical treatment is the crucial factor in curing different types prostatitis. It has been mentioned above that antibiotic medicines can cure acute bacterial and chronic bacterial prostatitis thoroughly in weeks or months, antibiotic medicines used for prostatitis like doxycycline, ciprofloxacin have strong effect in killing bacteria or preventing the growth of bacteria to help sufferers get rid of prostatitis. 
4. Chronic nonbacterial prostatitis needs a more targeted and comprehensive treatment. Chronic nonbacterial is easy to recur, normal antibiotic treatment cannot cure it thoroughly so that patients must be rational when making decisions. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, based on the whole concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has been proved can cure chronic nonbacterial  prostatitis as well as complications result from it thoroughly and naturally. 
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a national patent medicine with unique formula, it works well in eliminating pain and inflammation and it can repair damaged prostate position, and restore the immunity in the urology and reproductive system so that this whole system will not be infected easily.
Portstaitis is a curable disease, sufferers need to pay more attention to daily diet and exercise to help cure this disease radically. 

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