What are the Know-Hows to prevent Prostatitis?

When hot summer is coming, and the temperature soars above 35 degrees Celsius, the hot weather seems to be burning people, men are more likely to sweat than women, so men should pay attention to the indoor temperature, do not induldge in the low temperature, so as not to have prostatitis to hook on you.


1. Proper control of temperature: For men who like to cool down, the indoor temperature should be properly controlled in summer.  Even if the outdoor temperature exceeds 30 ° C, the indoor temperature should be kept above 20 ° C.  Pay close attention to indoor temperature changes and weather forecasts.  Appropriately increase or decrease the clothing, adjust the temperature of the air conditioner to the temperature suitable for the human body, and do not think that the summer weather is hot, there is no need to prevent Prostatitis.


2, Appropriate protection of the Prostate: even in the summer, with the use of air conditioning, one should also pay attention to keep the body warm, especially to protect the prostate, you can wear more clothes in the air-conditioned room, especially to note that the lower abdomen can not be exposed to cold.


3, Develop good habits: appropriate exercise in the morning and evening, one can increase the amount of outdoor activities, improve blood circulation, improve immunity, so as to prevent the occurrence of prostatitis.  At the same time, it is necessary to change bad habits, such as holding-up urinating, drinking less water, smoking, sedentary and so on.


4, Well-directed diet: eat more zinc-rich foods, such as lean meat, beans, peanuts, sesame, etc., you can also eat more coarse grains, nuts, vegetable oil, fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement each antioxidant. This can enhance the prostate's ability to fight infection.


The above is about the dangers of prostatitis. I hope that most male friends can actively pay their attention, let everyone develop good habits every day, always maintain the hygiene of the reproductive organs, avoid eating spicy food, and promptly check and treat if there is urinary dysfunction.  


If the diagnosis is prostatitis, don't panic, it is recommended that patients orally take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Not only it can effectively cure the disease, but also it nourishes the kidney, and restores the reproductive system for the male friends.


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