When Men Have 6 Symptoms, Don't Be Careless, Your Prostate May Be Cancerous

Prostate cancer, in simple terms, is the cancerous growth of the prostate gland, and the cancer cells continue to proliferate, causing cancer evolution in local tissue.

The multiple areas of prostate cancer are in the peripheral zone of the prostate, far from the urethra. When cancer occurs, it does not affect urination. If found in time, the cure rate is quite high, the early five-year survival rate is close to 100%, and the 10-year survival rate is also 98%.
Prostate cancer often has no obvious symptoms in the early stage, and most of them have already entered the advanced stage.  In the advanced stage, cancer cells are particularly likely to metastasize to the central axis along with blood circulation, causing bone pain.
In fact, it varies from person to person, it is difficult to judge whether you have prostate cancer from the symptoms, so how to find it early is especially important:
1.Finger test. This is a common item in male physical examination and the simplest and most direct method. But many people often feel awkward or unnecessary and give up checking.
2.Blood test. Prostate cancer has a very specific tumor marker called prostate specific antigen, which can be tested for blood tests.
3. Puncture. Many people think that puncture will be very painful. This statement is not accurate. Since there is no pain nerve near the prostate, it does not hurt, but it feels uncomfortable. From the current medical technology, only prostate cancer can be diagnosed by puncture.
Age, heredity, androgen and high-fat foods are risk factors for prostate cancer. For young friends in the workplace, in order to avoid the occurrence of prostate cancer, prostate protection can not be ignored, especially to change lifestyle habits, such as to avoid sedentary, staying up late, drinking alcohol, pay more attention to diet and nutritional balance.
In addition, if you get prostatitis treatment in time, there will be no risk of developing prostate cancer. Dr.Lee Xiaoping's patented formula for Diuretic and Anti-Inflammatory Pill can effectively cure chronic prostatitis. The anti-fibrotic function restores the original elasticity and flexibility of the glands, and then promotes blood circulation and remove stasis, so the microcirculation and nutrient supply of the glandular tissue restores normal prostate function. Keep patients away from prostate cancer.

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