How to Alleviate Prostatic Pain?

Prostate is a male-specific reproductive organ, and plays a very significant role. The anterior pubic symphysis is attached to the rectum, with the urethra passing through the middle and the upper part close to the bladder. 

It can be said that all reproductive parts of men are controlled or affected by the prostate. So what is the reason for the pain of prostate?
Prostate pain includes perineal pain, inguinal pain, deep urethral pain and shade-root pain. Most of these symptoms are related to purulence caused by acute prostatitis. Pain may also be accompanied by frequent urination, urgency, incomplete urination, bifurcation of urine, dripping after urination, inflammation and ectropion of urethral lip. 
When the condition is further worsened, the pain will gradually reduce or even disappear, but there will be recurrence from time to time. It is accompanied by fever, chills, fatigue, dizziness and decreased immunity. This is often a sign of acute prostatitis turning into chronic prostatitis
Many prostatitis patients will feel that prostatitis is particularly difficult to treat, either to cure or repeated attacks, this is often associated with inadequate treatment at the initial onset of prostatitis and excessive dependence on antibiotics.
In addition, there are many reasons for prostatic pain. Drinking alcohol can make the whole body capillary congested, causing mild edema on the prostate. The organ is surrounded by muscle fibrous connective tissue, so an edema is mainly inward gland swelling, so it is easy to be infected and appear prostatic hyperplasia. 
On one hand, abdominal pressure increases the pressure on the prostate, on the other hand, when sitting for long time, the prostatic body is in the horizontal position. Its urethral prostate and the prostatic duct open to it are in the same plane position. Therefore, if there is bacteria in urine, it is easy to retrograde into the duct to cause inflammation. Furthermore, cold is also a cause. 
Especially when the feet catch cold, it will affect the blood circulation of the prostate. This is better explained in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. The prostate belongs to "kidney", while the kidney dominates cold, such as cold, is easy to injure the kidney and induce the occurrence of prostatic diseases. 
Spicy food is also one of the reasons why men suffer from prostate pain, such as pepper can stimulate the digestive tract, but it can cause urinary congestion, easily cause constipation. Lack of water in the body can lead to slight metabolic disorders, urine concentration, the accumulation of harmful and toxic substances in urine, which easily returns to the prostatic duct and causes harmful diseases. Therefore, people who do not like drinking water are prone to prostatic diseases.
Therefore, when prostatic pain occurs, it must be treated with caution. It's better to see a doctor immediately and find a suitable way to treat it. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has a desirable effect in treating prostatic pain caused by prostatitis, so if it is caused by bacteria, STDs, prostatic congestion, or urinary tract infections, it can be cured by this medicine quickly without recurrence.

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