Will the Urine irritate the Prostate?

Prostate, is the largest accessory sex glands in male genitals, the function of which is to produce prostatic fluid and participate in reproduction and metabolism. Prostate disease is so common and serious that can not be neglected by men. The causes of prostate disease are various, whether the urine can stimulate the prostate or not is a question that men are always confused about. So now let's talk about the stimulation of urine to the prostate, and whether urine stimulation can induce prostate diseases or not.

I. Holding urine

Because holding back urine for a long time can cause urethral obstruction, such as urethral stricture, and lead to stones in the bladder and urethra. Long-term of holding back, once the prostate stones appear, will affect the patency of urinary tract. If the urine can not be discharged timely, so there will be a full bladder for a long period, and eventually leads to infection and develops to prostate disease.
2. Excessive PH value in urine
If the PH of urine is too high, it can also stimulate the prostate and induce prostatitis, and Why? Urine stimulation is a chemical factor medically, urine contains a variety of acidic and alkaline chemicals. When patients suffer from local neuroendocrine disorders, resulting in excessive pressure in the posterior urethra and damage to the opening of the prostatic duct, irritating chemicals such as uric acid will flow back into the prostate and induce chronic prostatitis. Patients need to go to regular hospitals to regulate the PH value of urine and anti-inflammation, and take Dr lee's Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for adjuvant treatment. It has properties of broad-spectrum antimicrobial, and functions of anti-inflammation and can kill all kinds of bacteria or viruses which causes urinary and genital system diseases.
Through the above introduction, I think you may have some idea about whether urine can stimulate the prostate or not. Do not be nervous and stressful when prostatic diseases are found. The main reason is that these negative factors often affect the treatment effect, are not conducive to the recovery.
It’s suggested that once you find symptoms of prostatic diseases, do not seek medical treatment blindly. Go to the regular hospital as soon as possible to avoid missing the best treatment time, correct and scientific treatment is the best guarantee of rehabilitation.

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