Will Masturbation Cause Prostatitis?

Most men have the habit of masturbation, proper masturbation can help relieve sexual pressure and avoid discomfort caused by long-term sexual depression. However, frequent masturbation can cause prostate hyperemia and it will last for a long time, which can easily lead to chronic prostatitis. However, will masturbation definitely lead to prostatitis? we need to think about this question from an objective perspective.

On one hand, when a man has not ejaculated for a long time, the seminal vesicle will remain in a full state of high tension. On the other hand, a man with normal sexual development will inevitably have frequent sexual impulses, and the reproductive system will also change accordingly with each sexual impulse.
Every time when a man has sexual excitement, hyperemia will occur in the prostate and seminal vesicle, and it can not gradually return to normal until ejaculation, even in the patients with prostatitis. Therefore, the absence of ejaculation is not conducive to the alleviation of symptoms of prostatitis.
Modern medical and sexual psychologists believe that normal masturbation has a certain positive significance. For example, for unmarried men with prostatitis, as well as married men who can not live a normal sexual life due to short-term separation, business trips, divorce, widowhood, and other reasons, appropriate masturbation is beneficial, which can also be regarded as a regular sexual life.
Similarly, frequent masturbation, like frequent sexual life, it will cause long-term extravasated blood and congestion of the prostate, and the normal discharge and excretion function of the prostate will be seriously affected, which may be the cause of prostatitis.
In addition, the masturbator is usually emotionally agitated and tense and will stop abruptly with the abnormal changes in the surrounding environment. Repeated prostatic and seminal vesicle congestion and venous congestion without ejaculation will inevitably lead to refractory prostatitis and seminal vesicle inflammation. 
Therefore, after suffering from chronic prostatitis, the professional urological examination is needed. Bacterial culture and drug sensitivity tests of prostatic fluid can be done in order to make targeted drug use. The course of chronic treatment is relatively long and patients are easy to relapse, so they should also avoid smoking, alcohol, spicy irritating food like seafood.
Besides routine treatment, patients can also take conservative herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill according to the condition of the individuals.
However, patients should remember that even if you have long-term frequent masturbation, it will not necessarily lead to chronic prostatitis. There are obvious individual differences in individuals. Therefore, as long as you can control the frequency of masturbation, there is no need to worry about masturbation-induced prostatitis, and moderate masturbation can also help to clear the prostatic fluid, alleviate the deposition, which has a certain positive significance for protecting or restoring the function of the prostate.

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