Research on Release of Prostate Fluid

The prostate fluid is the secretion of the prostate. The secretion of prostatic fluid is controlled by male hormones, and the daily secretion is about 0.5-2 ml. It is an important component of semen and one of the components of semen, accounting for about 1/10-1/3 of ejaculated semen.   

The prostate fluid is one of the leading components of semen in the ejaculation sequence. The content of protein in the prostatic fluid is very low. It mainly contains a high concentration of zinc ion, acid phosphatase, proteolytic enzyme, fibrinase, spermine, aliphatic polypeptide and so on. Among them, proteolytic enzymes and fibrinolytic enzymes can promote semen liquefaction. The detection of acid phosphatase and citric acid can help to judge the function of the prostate and whether there is cancer.  
The extraction of prostatic fluid requires the patient to urinate and take the position of stoop or chest and knee. The examiner put a finger sheath on his right index finger, put lubricant into the anus, press the two sides of the prostate from outside to inside and down 2-3 times, then press the central sulcus and up to the anus door 2-3 times, then squeeze the perineal urethra, both milky white prostatic fluid flowed out, and take the examination with glass sheet or sterile test tube.   
Because of the different pathological changes of the prostate, the acquisition speed of the prostatic fluid is also different. If the prostatic fluid is sensitive to the prostatic contact of aseptic prostatitis, a little massage can be used to obtain the prostatic fluid.  Prostate fluid may be closely related to repeated hyperemia of the prostate. Because of repeated hyperemia of prostatic tissue, the glandular duct of the prostate dilates, causing the overflow of the prostate from the urethra, which is a functional change of the prostate. The prostate fluid is often a signal of chronic prostatitis.  
At present, many patients with prostatitis have been treated with an excessive amount of antibiotics in the early and short term, but the effect is not very good. We should avoid using antibiotics in large quantities for a long time, avoid serious drug resistance reactions in the body, and even lead to the imbalance of the original "flora" in the body and aggravate the symptoms.  

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