Wrong Sleeping Positions Produce Damage to Prostate Health

Sleeping or lying in bed is an effective way to relax the whole body, especially the spine because the body is in full contact with the bed, which reduces the burden of resisting gravity when the body is upright. When people are lying, the spine no longer needs to bear the pressure and gravity, and the antagonistic muscles such as shoulder and neck, chest and back, waist and abdomen can be fully relaxed. 

Therefore, choosing the right sleeping posture and bedding equipment can relieve your muscle tension and relax completely. However, if the sleeping posture is not good, the vertebrae and muscles will still be constricted in the lying position, or the local ligaments will be stretched excessively, resulting in a stiff neck, aggravating the back pain and causing other damage. Sleep is an important part of the body's self-repair process, it functions as reducing the body's metabolic requirements, repairing the damaged tissues and cells, restoring human health, alleviating your fatigue.
However, correct sleep posture is not only beneficial to the quality of sleep, but also to the health of the prostate.
Experts pointed out that supine sleeping posture is beneficial to the prostate health of adults. When men are in the supine posture, the legs will be separated naturally, which can effectively relieve the pressure of the prostate and reduce the risk of getting prostatic diseases. On the contrary, wrong sleep posture not only affects the quality of sleep but also hinders the health of the prostate. Let's look at three common bad sleep postures,
1. Prone sleeping position
A prone position can cause abdominal and bladder pressure. Prostate, which is located in the abdominal cavity and connected to the bladder, will also be indirectly compressed. Under this indirect pressure, the blood circulation of the prostate is hindered, metabolism and nutrition supply function will deteriorate, immunity and disease resistance will be reduced, thus increasing the incidence of prostate diseases.
2. Side sleeping position
It is divided into the left and right sides. In fact, whether lying on the left or on the right, it causes the contraction and inward compression of the human perineum, as well as the indirect compression of the prostatic glands adjacent to the perineum. Over time, it also increases the incidence of prostate diseases.
3. Fetal Sleeping Position
On one hand, contraction of sleep posture will lead to abdominal and bladder compression. On the other hand, it causes the contraction and inward compression of the human perineum. On the contrary, it forms indirect compression on the prostatic glands adjacent to the perineum. Two factors also increase the incidence of prostate diseases.
The vulnerable prostate needs careful care, and patients need to keep a correct attitude towards the treatment of prostate diseases. There are many kinds of drugs for the treatment of prostatic diseases, you should choose appropriate drugs and not treat it blindly. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, a pure natural medicine without side effects, can be selected for regulation.
It has great effects of clearing away heat and toxic materials, promoting diuresis and relieving stranguria, eliminating the inflammation and killing all the viruses, bacteria which leads to prostatic diseases. 
In addition to active treatment, in ordinary life, patients with prostate diseases should also pay attention to avoiding spicy, high-fat and other irritating food, to avoid aggravating the condition. I wish you recover soon.

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