Prostatitis Can Sometimes be Simply Thought As Decreased Libido

Sometimes when a man has situations like low sexual desire, sexual pleasure reduced, or because of his wife's casual attitude or mild discomfort during sex caused men feeling that’s just simply decreased libodo rather than some kind of male diseases, but sometimes when the mentioned situations happened it may be due to prostate disease.

Prostatitis is a common disease often happened on those patients who have inflammation and infection of other reproductive organs or bad habits like long sitting, long standing, eating too much spicy food or unsanitary personal life and so on. Sometimes because patients have no obvious symptoms like frequent, urgent and painful urination,so often ignore this disease at the mild stage.

But prostate infection is a kind of disease which can not only influence our sex quality, but also contribute to bad results such as the inflammation of other reproductive organs like orchitis, cystitis, pain and even males infertility, so we should treat it strictly and once we have any uncomfortable symptoms we should go to hospital and make actual diagnose without any delay.
Normally doctors will do digital rectal examination, prostatic fluid examination, routine urine examination, urinary sediment examination, bacteriology examination, B ultrasound and generally positive culture of bacteria in prostatic fluid to identify whether having prostate infection or not.
Currently, there are many treatments for curing prostatitis, such like taking antibiotics, traditional natural medicine treatment, physical sitz baths or surgery. But among all treatments, the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has achieved very good results as it can kill disease-inducing bacteria.

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