Obesity Becomes a Major Cause of Prostate Disease

A new study finds that obese men are twice more likely to develop prostate cancer than their normal-weight counterparts. Any effort to lose weight could reduce the risk of prostate cancer, which is steadily increasing in men in developed countries, the researchers said.

Here are two reasons why obesity can cause harm to men’s prostate:
1. The prostate is adjacent to the abdomen and perineum of the human body;
2. In addition to the waist and buttocks, the abdomen and perineum are also prone to fat accumulation.
Obesity can lead to a systemic inflammatory response and make the tissue in an oxidative stress state. There is evidence that there is a relationship between inflammation and BPH. The range and severity of inflammation in prostate tissue were significantly related to the volume of BPH.
Some studies showed that the increase in serum C-reactive protein might increase the risk of BPH. Other researchers reported that the daily use of NSAIDs could reduce the risk of lower urinary tract symptoms, decreased urinary flow rate, increased prostate volume, and other events.
Modern medicine also points out that the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and perineum will result in the compression of the prostate gland, especially in sitting and lying positions. 
The continuous compression of the abdomen and perineum fat will result in the narrowing or even occlusion of the capillaries inside the prostate gland, which will cause the blood flow of the prostate gland to be blocked and the blood circulation to be impeded.
Once the blood circulation of the prostate gland is not regular, the metabolism and nutrition supply function will be deeply affected. The prostate will lose normal nourishment and maintenance, and the disease resistance and immunity will decline, thus increasing the risk of various prostate diseases, such as prostatitis.
The long-term recurrent inflammation will also increase the risk of cancer, so patients need timely and thorough treatment to avoid this situation, you can choose the safe and effective Chinese herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, it can eliminate the inflammation from the root. Moreover, Its anti-hyperplasia effect can also inhibit the hyperplasia of the prostate and restore the health of the prostate.
In addition, too much fat, whole milk, and red meat may increase the risk of BPH and prostate surgery. If early BPH patients can actively carry out daily health care and reasonably adjust their living habits, this can effectively improve clinical symptoms, so as to avoid lifelong medication or surgery.
In the obese or overweight elderly male population, low-level PSA may cover up the early detection of prostate cancer, leading to the delay of early diagnosis of prostate cancer in obese people, and poor effect of treatment and prognosis.
Therefore, for the sake of prostate health, obese or slightly obese adult men should not only pay attention to a reasonable diet but also adhere to more exercise, drink more water, and burn fat, so as to relieve the pressure of extra fat of abdomen and perineum on the prostate.
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