It's True that Cross-legged Sitting Will Induce Prostatitis(2)

Are women more likely to suffer from gynecological diseases when they cross their legs?
At present, there is no literature report on the relationship between the incidence of gynecopathy and cross-legged sitting. It is speculated that the two legs will increase the temperature of the vulva, promote bacterial reproduction, and thus increase the risk of gynecological diseases.
However, there are many kinds of gynecological diseases, from infection, abnormal menstruation, endometriosis, endocrine diseases, female pelvic floor relaxation, and swelling, to various gynecological tumors, infection is only a small part of them.
Infection can be divided into a bacterial infection, viral infection, fungal infection, parasitic infection, and so on. It is not known whether cross-legged sitting will promote the occurrence of all these kinds of infections. Special statistical research is needed to clarify this aspect.
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