How Does Unclean Underwear Give You Prostatitis?

Due to the different characteristics of men and women, the style of underwear is also different. Wearing underpants is not only a manifestation of civilization but also conducive to their health.

The danger of dirty underwear
Dirty underwear will carry a small number of fecal dregs, causing diseases, especially prostatitis (frequency of urination, the urgency of urination, and other symptoms). Underwear should be cleaned immediately after wearing, even if it is only used for one night.
Microbiologists all over the world have studied washing machines. On average, dirty underwear contains 0.1g of bacteria, including Salmonella, Escherichia coli, and other bacteria. Even if they are cleaned and dried correctly, the bacteria on them cannot be completely killed.
If you wash several dirty underpants at the same time, it may bring tens of millions of E.coli to the washing machine drum, and pollute other clothes through water, which may lead to congestion of the people's eyes, itching of the skin, dyspnea, etc.
According to the survey, single men are more reluctant to change their underwear than married men. According to the survey, the underwear worn by lazy men will give off a peculiar bad smell, and a spouse will play a positive role in promoting their changing habits. 
As a husband, men will keep a good habit of changing their underwear frequently. Frequently changing underwear can reduce the occurrence of bacterial prostatitis.
However, if you already have prostatitis, in addition, to keep good personal hygiene, patients should also actively cooperate with drug treatment, such as the safe and effective herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can effectively kill pathogenic bacteria, eliminate inflammation in the affected area, and improve the immunity of patients so as to reduce the possibility of recurrence.
In addition, don't just wear pants instead of underwear. Although you may feel very comfortable, especially in the hot summer, it not only greatly improves the possibility of wardrobe malfunctions but also makes vulnerable parts prone to the friction of cloth. Therefore, it is advised to change your underwear frequently to ensure your private health.
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