Do patients with prostatitis need abstinence? The answer is: NO!

Core reminder: Chronic prostatitis can have regular sex life, but the principle to be followed is "neither abstinence nor indulgence".
Miss Liu is a prostatitis patient. The disease plagued his life and caused him to "rush to the hospital". A fake doctor told Miss Liu: "If you have prostatitis, you must be'clear of your heart' and you can't have sex." So, Miss Liu followed the fake doctor's teachings, but after a few months, the prostatitis did not get better. Signs, and the condition is getting worse...
Actually, what the fake doctor said is wrong. If you get prostatitis, you don't have to abstain from sex.
The shape of the prostate is like an inverted chestnut, located in the male pelvic cavity, composed of glandular tissue and smooth muscle, and its main function is to secrete prostatic fluid. Studies have shown that the prostate can secrete 0.5-2 ml of prostatic fluid per day, which is an important part of semen.
Prostatitis can be divided into acute prostatitis and chronic prostatitis. In patients with acute prostatitis, sexual function will be inhibited, even if they barely have sex, it will cause pain or blood sperm, so it is not suitable for sex. But chronic prostatitis can have regular sex life, but the principle to be followed is "neither abstinence nor indulgence".
When suffering from chronic prostatitis, pathogenic microorganisms and their decomposition products are easily mixed in the prostatic fluid. If they are not discharged in time, they will easily become corrupted and deteriorated into blood stasis. Regular sexual life helps to drain semen, unblock the glands, reduce the retention of inflammatory glands, and has a certain auxiliary effect on the treatment of prostatitis. Otherwise, the prostate will become more congested, leading to lingering illness.
There is no scientific basis for abstinence treatment of prostate. Patients with chronic prostatitis can have intercourse once in 5, 7 or 10 days according to their own age. Those who are unmarried or unable to have regular sex can be discharged regularly by masturbation. semen.
Of course, patients with chronic prostatitis should remember to use condoms when they have sex to prevent semen with pathogens from entering the spouse’s vagina and causing infection. In addition, after getting prostatitis, you can use warm water to help the treatment. Sitting in warm water can help improve the blood circulation of the pelvic floor tissues, relax the smooth muscles of the urinary and reproductive tract and other muscles of the pelvic floor, and relieve symptoms purpose.

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