Prostate Cancer Awareness Week

 The Vancouver Sun is running a series of articles on prostate cancer this week. 

Overview: A look at the statistics and growing awareness of prostate cancer in B.C
Live Chat (archived): Dr. Larry Goldenberg, Urologic surgeon and Clinical Research Director, Vancouver Prostate Centre, Director, Men’s Health Initiative of BC
PSA Testing: Should B.C. offer universal PSA tests, which indicate prostate cancer?
Live Chat (archived): Dr. Tom Pickles, Radiation Oncologist, BC Cancer Agency; Peter Birnie, Vancouver Sun Theatre Critic who had a PSA test on video for the Van Sun prostate package; Don Nishio, prostate cancer patient
Complementary Therapies and Diet:Complementary therapy to stay healthy before and during cancer treatment
Live Chat (archived): Dr. Emma Guns, Research Scientist, Vancouver Prostate Centre; Hal Gunn, co-founder and CEO of InspireHealth; Cheri Van Patten, Registered Dietitian, Research and Clinical Practitioner, BC Cancer Agency;  Claude Garceau, prostate cancer patient following a complementary therapy regime
Intimacy and Relationships: Grappling with fears around sexual function and relationships after prostate cancer
Live Chat (archived):  John Christopherson, clinical counsellor, BC Cancer Agency’s patient and family counseling department; Dr. Stacy Elliot, Sexual Health Clinician,  Vancouver Prostate Centre; Jeff Jarvis, author, blogger and prostate cancer survivor
New Treatment: New technology to help diagnose and treat prostate cancer
Live Chat (archived): Dr. Alan So, Urologic surgeon and Clinician Scientist, Vancouver Prostate Centre
Additional articles are at The Vancouver Sun.

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