Male Health: What Harm Does A Man Who Masturbates Excessively Have?

Some young people form a habit of masturbation and become restless all day long. It is thought that it will have adverse effects on the body. Excessive masturbation will prevent the normal development of the penis or affect sexual function in the future.

What harm does a man who masturbates excessively have?
Doctors stress that once the masturbation is too frequent, it may lead to chronic prostatitis.
When you get sexually excited, the prostate gland will be in a congested state, so that the local genital blood stasis may occur. If it's congested for a long time, it will become a good environment for bacteria to grow. And various toxins produced by bacteria will directly damage local tissues, resulting in the increase of free radicals in the body, and it will further aggravate the local tissue damage, thus forming a vicious circle.
In addition, the prostate gland features a tough capsule, if the gland tube is frequently blocked by pathogens and necrotic tissues, on the one hand, it will be difficult for drugs to enter the focus to play a role, on the other hand, the toxin and pathogens in the focus can not come out easily, resulting in prostatitis being difficult to cure and easy to repeat.
Diagnosed patients do not have to panic and be excessively anxious. As long as you have active treatment, and pay attention to forming good living habits, you will be able to achieve clinical cure or alleviate the negative effect. Commonly, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is well used for patients with prostatitis, particularly those with chronic prostatitis.
This is a herbal medicine that can help you relieve pain when urinating, solve inflammation, improve the blood circulation and remove the blood stasis. It works on the whole urogenital system, and it won't lead to any side effects. Accordingly, you can achieve a better recovery after a long-term treatment.
In daily life, you should avoid long-time riding or sitting, and proper standing can reduce the perineum pressure as well as promote blood flow. In addition, you should eat more fruits and supplement water in time. Your diet should be light, and you need to avoid spicy food, especially to abstain from alcohol, because these things can cause congestion in the pelvic cavity and prostate gland.
Some tips for you to quit masturbation.
1. It is strictly prohibited to touch private parts of the body except when going to the toilet.
2. Try to avoid being alone. Find your friends and surround yourself with them.
3. When taking a bath, do not admire yourself in the mirror. Shower for no more than 5 or 6 minutes.
4. If the bed is where you're most likely to go wrong, you need to dress properly at night so that you don't easily touch your private parts.
5. Stay away from pornography. Don't even think about masturbation. Remember, "once you think, you will act." You've got to change the way you think. You've got to get that thought out of your mind. Once you've done that well, you'll quit the bad habit.
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