Early Prevention and Treatment can Reduce Prostatitis Patients' Psychological Burden

To reduce the male psychological burden on prostate diseases, it is necessary for the public to scientifically understand and distinguish prostate diseases, seek formal treatment methods, and make early diagnosis and treatment.



The prostate disease incidence is related to age, and the characteristics are different at different ages.


The prostate is the most prominent accessory sex gland in men and one of the unique urogenital organs in men. Young and middle-aged men are most likely to be troubled by prostatitis. With age increase, the incidence of prostate hyperplasia and prostate tumors will increase significantly. Generally speaking, different age stages will have various disease problems in the prostate.


Although prostatitis tends to occur in young men, it does not mean that the elderly will not be affected. More and more studies have proved that chronic inflammation of the prostate is an essential stimulating factor for prostate hyperplasia and prostate cancer in the elderly.


Difficulty urinating is a common problem in older men and requires special attention. If dysuria occurs, it may be caused by prostate hyperplasia or prostate tumor. This needs more senior men to raise their urinary health awareness, beware of misdiagnosis, missed treatment, and misuse of drugs, and use drugs scientifically under the guidance of a doctor. Young males often confuse prostatitis with prostate obstruction. Do not over-treat or prescribe without authorization.



Prevent prostate disease factors and reduce the risk.


Data show that the prevalence of the prostate disease is related to age. In addition to age factors, the prostate disease is also closely associated with other influencing factors.


Prostatitis usually occurs because of a passive, cold environment and physical fatigue. Artificial holding back urine will make the bladder fill and swell and cause weak urination, which causes increased local pressure and poor blood flow, aggravating the symptoms of enlarged prostate. 


Being in a cold environment for a long time or catching a cold will increase the internal pressure of the urethra, affect urination, and cause prostate disease for a long time. Sitting for a long time will cause the prostate to be squeezed for a long time, resulting in poor local blood circulation; it can easily cause prostate disease and dysuria.


Life factors have a specific impact on prostate diseases, but the most crucial cause is still based on pathology. But life factors should not be ignored because of this, and multi-faceted prevention can reduce the harm caused by the disease.



Reduce the public's psychological burden and treat diseases rationally.


Prostate disease harms male health, but because of the privacy of the disease, there are many misunderstandings about the disease among male patients. At present, the public's perception of prostate disease has two extremes. Young patients face excessive fear of prostatitis, while elderly patients pay less attention to it.


Most patients with prostatitis do not need special treatment. For cases without clear infectious evidence, only symptomatic treatment is enough. For example, patients can choose herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It has the effects of diuresis and leaching, anti-inflammatory and sterilizing, clearing away heat and detoxifying, and can treat prostate diseases very effectively.


 However, because prostate diseases may affect male physiological functions, young people with such conditions always have many doubts, causing patients to fear and increasing their psychological burden.


Senior people often confuse the deterioration of urinary function in the elderly with prostate disease, lack the awareness of regular physical examinations, ignore the symptoms of prostate disease, and delay treatment.


Faced with prostate disease, young men need to get rid of their psychological burdens, while older men need to pay more attention to the abnormal performance of the urinary system. If the urinary system is abnormal, men can go to the hospital for regular examinations for disease screening.


Different examination items can deal with apparent diseases. Prostate-specific antigen examination can be performed to detect prostate tumors through blood tests; B-ultrasound examination can check the size of the prostate for functional evaluation; urine flow rate testing is based on the flow of urine whether the urinary tract is obstructed. These routine examinations can scientifically and effectively evaluate the examiner's urinary system function and identify disease problems.


The prostate disease may accompany men throughout their lives, so early prevention and early diagnosis and treatment can reduce patients' psychological burden and life pressure. 


To prevent prostatitis, young men should exercise adequately, drink more water, maintain regular sleeping habits, reduce staying up late, and reduce smoking and alcoholism. This is beneficial to the body's immunity and physical function. Older men should undergo regular physical examinations, and they should use scientific drugs and actively treat their prostate diseases.


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