What Patients with Male Disease Do Not Recommend to Having Sex?

Sex is a bridge between the emotions of men and women. For lovers and couples, sex is of great importance. In some cases, sex may affect the relationship between husband and wife or family relations. However, when men suffer from some male diseases, doctors do not recommend that they continue to have sex because sexual life may aggravate their illnesses and also affect the health of their sexual partners.

So what are the male diseases stopping patients from continuing their sexual life? Generally speaking, men should take a break from sexual life when the following conditions occur:
1. Sexual organ deformity. For example, when men have severe trauma in the lower body or problems such as severe hypospadias, men must not have sex. Because having sexual life in these cases can easily lead to secondary damage to the organ and, in severe situations, can cause permanent erectile dysfunction in men.
2. Urinary tract infection. This results from direct bacterial ( rarely, it may be due to fungal, protozoal and viral) invasion. Suppose men have sex under such a condition. In that case, it may cause the urinary tract infection to worsen because the bacteria may be brought back and forth in a larger area during intercourse. 
3. Organ inflammation. For example, men with inflammatory diseases such as orchitis, epididymitis, funiculitis, prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, etc., especially during acute attacks, should be prohibited from sexual intercourse. This is because sexual stimulation can make these organs highly congested and aggravate the condition, and there is a possibility of transmission to women.
4. Certain infectious diseases. For example, tuberculosis, venereal disease, trichomoniasis, etc. If a man with these diseases has sex, he will make his condition more serious and transmit the disease to his sexual partner. 
5. Tumors in some sexual organs. When men develop diseases, like a testicular tumor, penile cancer, prostate cancer, etc., they must stop sexual life. If they continue to have sex, it may accelerate the blood circulation of the sexual organs and increase the risk of metastasis of cancer cells. Besides, it is also bad for the female partners’health.
6. Some skin diseases appear in the perineum, for example, warts on the penis, eczema in the scrotum, etc. This is because intercourse will stimulate these parts, increasing the risk of infection. Therefore, men should temporarily prohibit sex and wait until the condition has recovered before having sex again.
Men are advised to choose the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment when they have various inflammations in the genital tract. It is easy to take and has no side effects because it is an herbal preparation made of natural medicine. It is beneficial for male health. 
It has the main results of clearing heat, detoxifying the body, activating blood circulation, and removing blood stasis. With its broad-spectrum antibacterial properties, the pill can act well on the entire urinary and reproductive system simultaneously, eliminating inflammation and causing no harm to the body.
Men must avoid indulging in sex for their health and that of their female partners. They should not disregard the advice of the doctors. In addition to stopping sex when suffering from these male diseases, men should also pay attention to personal hygiene. Wash the genital area gently with warm water daily to keep it dry and clean. The daily diet should be light. 
And men should stay away from spicy and stimulating foods. Men should have more rest and not be strained. They should go to the hospital in time for examination and timely treatment. In addition, men should strengthen their daily exercises, enhance physical fitness, and increase resistance.
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