5 Kinds of Exercises to Enhance Prostate Function, Let's Learn It!

The prostate in men is very susceptible to illness. If a person has a long-term sedentary habit of holding back urine or drinks and smokes frequently, it can lead to chronic congestion of the prostate, which can lead to prostatitis. Due to the long treatment period, more challenging to treat, and more and more persistent symptoms, this disease often has an impact on the patient's life.


Therefore, to prevent prostatitis, men should first change their bad habits. In addition, men can often do some exercises that can protect the prostate:

1. Deep Squatting

To protect the prostate, men can perform deep squats. Deep squatting seems very simple, but every day, insisting on doing it will improve blood circulation and promote local circulation. Some men are often sedentary, which can lead to an increase in scrotal temperature over time, affecting the function of the prostate. To prevent prostate function from being impaired, men can perform more of these deep squatting exercises.

Especially before going to bed every night, perform 40 deep squatting exercises so that the prostate can be effectively relaxed. Then you can go to sleep in the most relaxed way.

2. Anal Lifting Exercise

Men can do this exercise regardless of the occasion, time, and place. When men regularly contract the anus, it can gently and effectively massage the prostate and promote the venous blood return of the perineum so that the prostate can reduce the state of congestion, which has a very positive significance for the health of the prostate.

In addition, lifting the anus promotes the function of blood supply to the testicles from the inguinal canal. Therefore, it is very beneficial for the entire reproductive system. What's more, this exercise is not restricted in any way and can be done anywhere, anytime, without even realizing it.

3. Hip Bumping

You may often see some people doing morning exercises using the hip impact tree. In fact, the hip bump is also perfect for promoting prostate movement. With the buttocks constantly hitting the tree, it can make the prostate blood circulation more fluent, and appropriate impact will be better to protect the prostate.

4. Sit-ups

Sit-ups provide less direct stimulation to the prostate, but they stimulate the inguinal canal, which improves blood supply and allows the prostate to receive a fuller supply of nutrients.

5. Other Sports

In addition to the above movements, men can also consider doing other sports, such as basketball, badminton, etc.; these activities can drive the movement of the muscles around the prostate and will also play a better massage effect.

Not only as a preventive measure, men who have prostatitis can also repeat these exercises during treatment to enhance the function of the prostate. However, the most important thing for patients is to treat the disease with good exercise and lifestyle habits so the condition will recover faster.

If you have prostatitis, it is best to do a prostate fluid culture plus a drug sensitivity test to identify the causative organisms as well as the sensitive drugs, and then choose sensitive antibiotics based on the results of the examination for treatment that is more secure. For chronic prostatitis, patients can choose traditional Chinese medicine with no resistance to treatment, such as Diuretics and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It clears away heat and detoxifies the body, invigorates blood circulation, promotes vitality, and induces diuresis for treating stranguria. Its herbal ingredients can penetrate the prostate membrane so that the medicinal effect can directly reach the diseased area, eliminating the inflammation from the root cause.

The prostate is the life gland of men, and men should do more exercises conducive to enhancing the prostate function to protect their prostates and prevent inflammatory lesions. Once the symptoms of inflammation appear, it is also necessary to receive treatment as soon as possible to restore health as quickly as possible.

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